Wilson NCAA Supreme W/Pump & Tee (Junior) Football

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Wilson, NCAA Supreme With Pump and Tee , Junior Size Football. Made of soft composite leather, has a cushioned cover that provides a comfortable feel for the recreational player. Pump and Tee included.


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3 thoughts on “Wilson NCAA Supreme W/Pump & Tee (Junior) Football

  1. GREAT Youth football set This is a quality ball. Although not leather, its also not the cheap plastic that can really hurt when thrown. Its regulation size for divisions up through age 12, and also the size required for the NFL annual Punt, Pass, Kick contest through age 15, so it really makes for a great ball for youth league players as well as those just out to toss it around in the backyard. Overall, this is a high-quality ball for the money, and includes a beginner kicking tee, which is a nice added bonus.

  2. Excellent football title I bought this as a gift for Christmas and it is a great product. It is sturdy, well made. We probably won’t use the tee all too often, but the pump is great. I like how the needle can be stored in the handle so it never gets lost.

  3. Great for the money just the right size for my 11 yr old grandson comes with pump and tee, not super great quality but ok if it gets left outside in the rain for a couple of weeks……errrr I mean hours. great value for the money fast delivery with Prime.

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