Wilson F1845 NFL Ultimate Composite Game Football (Official Size)

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Wilson, NFL Ultimate Composite Official Size Football.


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3 thoughts on “Wilson F1845 NFL Ultimate Composite Game Football (Official Size)

  1. nice spirals, nice looking ball, remarkable grip Before use, make sure the ball is properly inflated and not over inflated. Wipe the football down with a damp towel to remove the slick newness of the ball. Then you will recognize the quality tackiness of this composite leather. 

  2. Great Football I bought me this football for my husband and he says it is by far the best football he’s ever owned. He plays QB in a couple Flag Football leagues and all his teammates comment on how they like catching this football because of the grip. If you are looking for a football that has grip and easy to throw a perfect spiral this football is for you.

  3. For a twenty something dollar ball, there is no better bargin. In a 40 team adult flag football league, we have the best QB. He uses this ball, so I tried it out too. It’s great for indoor football. I have $60, and 100$ footballs, but I’m using this for indoor. When it comes to outdoor, it’s likely to get roughed up more and I’ll use a different ball, but I love this one.I’ve only had this ball a week, but very happy with it. (and I have about 6 footballs).

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