Trademark Poker Texas Hold’em Layout 36-Inch x 72-Inch

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This new portable felt has a layout for the popular casino game, Texas Holdem Poker, the same game played on ESPN’s “World Poker Tour” and Travel Channel’s “World Series of Poker.”


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3 thoughts on “Trademark Poker Texas Hold’em Layout 36-Inch x 72-Inch

  1. Good for a game This is exactly what I expected. I pretty cheap felt to throw down for a game. It seems to be wearing down very quickly and leaves little green fuzzballs all over the place. I wouldn’t buy it again.

  2. You get something completely different I honestly listen to reviews a lot, but when people say they don’t get the product i usually ignore it. I did not recieve the correct item, we play texas holdem all the time, so when i got a big green mat with only a giant white oval around the inside of it, i was very mad. I talked this product up to my friends then it when it came, all the talking i did made me look bad. Not the product in the pic. Do not order unless you’re looking for a big green table cover with a white circle.

  3. Quality product When the boys and I get together for a card game we are always bouncing the chips on a wooden table. the chips slide, bounce, careen and otherwise fly off the table. This felt table cover works great. Keeps the sound down and looks professional. Great buy for a quality product.

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