Trademark Poker 16-Inch Deluxe Roulette Set with Accessories

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Bring a little bit of Vegas fun to your family room or game room with this Deluxe Roulette and Blackjack Combo. The roulette set includes everything you need for an evening of roulette with family and friends, including a 16-inch roulette wheel, a 24- by 36-inch felt, 120 chips, two balls, and a rake. The roulette wheel has a brass bushing insert to ensure in the wheel will spin smoothly while the chips are 7/8-inch in diameter and are stamped with numbers. In addition to roulette, this set also allows for Blackjack action by flipping over the felt. Two decks of playing cards are also included.

What’s in the Box?

16-inch roulette wheel, 24- by 36-inch felt (Roulette / Blackjack), 120 chips, two balls, a rake


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3 thoughts on “Trademark Poker 16-Inch Deluxe Roulette Set with Accessories

  1. Not a bad TOY for the price Wheel spins great although it tends to have a slight bias. Not terrible, but enough to guarantee this is a toy and not a pro style roulette. This can be easily used for a fun “gambling night” but it’s biggest defect is that it is very noisy. the outer shell is plastic, and the plastic ball running across it every “roll” makes a lot of noise that kind of kills normal conversation.

  2. Lots of fun I purchased this for my father’s 70th surprise birthday party. It was a casino theme and we had 26 people at the party. Everyone had a blast with my brother running the roulette table. I am so glad that I purchased this item. It made the party a great success! I would encourage anyone to purchase this item.

  3. Better than I was expecting. I bought this for a Casino party that I was having and when it arrived I was very very pleased with the quality of it. The wheel spins very nicely, it is fairly big and it looks very similar to the more expensive sets. My guests had a blast playing this.

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