The First Saturday in May

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The Hennegan brothers follow six trainers from varying parts of the country on their prize 2005 horses’ journeys through various graded stakes to the Kentucky Derby. Both joy and heartbreak are present in this film, often shown by the same trainers and their families, concerning their horses’ stances going into, coming out of, and after the Derby (if they even make it). Of 40,000 foals ever year, only 20 will make the Derby, and the Hennegan brothers follow six remarkable stories along their paths to defying the odds.


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3 thoughts on “The First Saturday in May

  1. Could have been better, but still good. (Note: originally reviewed February 2008.) 

  2. Great documentary about the road to the Kentucky Derby After watching this film I can see why it received multiple awards. I felt like I had an all-access pass to the barns of some of the best trainers in the business. From the backstretch barns at Aqueduct to the Derby itself, this film covers it all. Not only the stories of the horses, but the stories of the people who work with the horses – from the amazing story of Michael Matz, to the tragedy that befell Dan Hendricks, to the workmanlike Dale Romans and Frank Amote (and their sons), to the…

  3. One of the best At the beginning of playing the dvd, I was disappointed and couldn’t understand why it was rated so highly. It wasn’t long before I was so glad I purchased it. It is quite an emotional and exciting ride.I think it’s a must see for all racing enthusiasts and horse lovers. I’m certainly going to watch it again and probably more than once.

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