The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Poker Players

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Poker has become a global phenomenon in recent years, and more and more people are getting involved, having fun, and sometimes winning big money playing. But what is it that makes one poker player successful time and time again, while another poker player never makes that big score? Why is it that the same group of top poker players keep turning up on final tables? What is it that lets some pro players win multiple WSOP bracelets in their career, while others struggle to barely make the cash? The truth is that there are 7 main habits that the most effective poker players have, and these habits make all the difference between winning and losing. The best players in the world have each developed these habits in their own way, and use them to dominate any poker table they find themselves playing on. The good news is that any player can learn these habits, and doing so will give you a much more effective understanding of the game, as well as a decided advantage over your opponents, both of which will help you show better results on the felt. Poker is a dynamic game, and to be successful, you have to constantly be improving and refining your game, your playing style, and your habits. This poker book was written so that you can take the next step in your evolution as a player.


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3 thoughts on “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Poker Players

  1. A definitive guide for anyone seeking to become a better poker player As a relatively new convert to the world of Poker for profit I purchased this book in the hopes that it would help me with my gaming strategies. Now, after consuming the material, I can wholly attest that it definitely has. The author, an obvious authority on the subject, has provided seven habits that really do make for a much more capable player while also providing me a structure that I never had prior. I’ve already experience and advantage that I didn’t prior having, and my…

  2. A must-read poker book I have been a dedicated black jack player for many years and the game of poker has simply eluded me. I don’t know if it was the number of cards or the serious looks on the faces of the people playing, but I was intimidated. I decided to figure this game out in the last year and it has been both challenging and a lot of fun. I have read several of Ashton Cartwright’s books on poker and they are incredibly well-written and insightful, this one in particular. The habits described here are…

  3. Lots of great useful information for beginners like myself that I did not know. This was a great read as I always play poker with the friends when I can, but never win. I think the hardest part is knowing when to fold or when to bluff. I cannot find what works for me so I figured doing some more research wouldn’t hurt my game. This book has plenty of great information that I did not know. It first starts talking about knowing the numbers which is learning the odds and how each hand has different odds. This has helped out a lot because I fold a lot more often now which…

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