Poker: The Ultimate Beginners Guide To Mastering The Game Of Poker

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Learn To Master The Game Of Poker You’re about to discover how to… In this book, poker master and bestselling author Kane Jackson shares with you his best tactics and knowledge on how to become a master of the game. After many years of experience he shares with you his most valuable lessons and gives you an insight into the rules and fundamentals of poker. This book is therefore meant for every new beginner or person, who wants to take his or her poker game to new heights. After reading this book you will have a great understanding of the game of poker and also have the knowledge to earn real money in real poker games. This book is made to prepare you for the real life of poker. After reading this book you will have the upper hand in any game, placing you with the highest odds of walking from the table with the highest profits. The best poker players make the most money – it is that simple. Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn… The fundamentals of poker Common mistakes to avoid The best poker tactics for making the most money The art of bluffing How to master the game Much, much more


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3 thoughts on “Poker: The Ultimate Beginners Guide To Mastering The Game Of Poker

  1. A great read for poker newbies! I found this book great and really helpful for poker newbies and for those who wants to try playing poker. This book is written in a very smart way because it contains lots of information yet, this book is short, concise and very easy to understand. The words used in explaining jargons are simple which makes it easier for the readers to grasp the ideas the book is providing. This read also tackles the fundamentals of pokers and the different strategies that player can use in order to succeed in…

  2. Learnt alot Being a regular sports better, I have felt I could become more than just the average break even at best gambler so I have now focused my attention to poker, very different type of game but when mastered can give you great results and profits, I will not be winning any world championships this year but this book has given me a great base to start from!!!

  3. This book is much better, it had a wealth of useful information I bought this book along with another poker book. This book is much better, it had a wealth of useful information. As a true beginner, I wanted the biggest bang for the buck, and I got it here.I would recommend this book to beginners, this is a good start. This book did a good job teaching me useful strategies .Overall a good read for poker novices.

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