Poker Set In Aluminum Case

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Cardinal Industries Poker Set in Aluminum Case a classic game for hours of fun. This includes 200 dual-toned poker chip and two decks of poker cards plus dealer chips. It is housed in a beautiful and sturdy aluminum case. A take anywhere set for the poker players in your family and complete instructions for Texas Hold’ em.


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3 thoughts on “Poker Set In Aluminum Case

  1. A Great Deal for the Budget Gambler I chose this poker set as a gift for my groomsmen, so I needed something below the $25 mark, but the sets that were about that price added almost $15 in shipping charges. This set qualified for super-saver shipping, so it sealed the deal. However, I was worried about the quality. 

  2. Inaccurate Description As other reviews have pointed out, this set only contains one deck and no dice despite the description. Also, the items are not held in place very well and can shift around if you shake the case. The case itself appears to be well made and sturdy. The chips are plastic and durable, but the printed design is smudged on a large percentage of them. Additionally, the cards are pretty cheap and low quality. I ended up replacing them with Bicycle cards. 

  3. Husband Likes it Purchased this set for my husband for Christmas. He uses it for his poker nights with the guys. Its a good set for the price. He said the chips have a nice weight to them. Its not fancy and works well for them to play once a month.

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