Kasey’s Guitar Method for Kids: A Fun And Engaging Way for Children to Learn Guitar

*Beautiful illustrations
*Awesome play-along songs that children will love to play
*Read, draw, learn, and create music
*Youtube explanation http://youtu.be/E_Nn7NPM4bw
*For children ages 4-9

Kasey’s Guitar Method for Kids: A Fun and Engaging Way for Children to Learn Guitar is a method book that will teach your child/student to learn to read music. Designed for children ages 4-9 this book features several fun activities for learning the guitar including: play-along songs, drawing, music theory, discovery, and creating music. This book was beautifully illustrated with children in mind.

All of the songs are available online for streaming at http://kellysmusicbooks.com/media

Check out the other books in this series-Kasey's Guitar Jams for Kids, Kid's Guitar Jams, and Guitar Guide for Teachers http://kellysmusicbooks.com/books

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