Hand Painted Poker Card Guard Protector – Good Luck

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Up for sale is a Good Luck poker card guard. It weighs about 30+ grams and is 1 1/2 inches in diameter. When in its clear capsule (included with sale), it is about 40 grams and 2 inches in diameter. These are in stock and ready for immediate shipment from Austin, TX


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3 thoughts on “Hand Painted Poker Card Guard Protector – Good Luck

  1. Beautiful card protector This is a very attractive card protector & definitely gets attention! My husband is Irish & also a poker player, so it was the perfect gift :)It came encased in a beautiful acrylic casing which protects the coin, and I see absolutely NO flaws on the coin whatsoever. The gold writing on both sides of the horseshoe & clover say “good luck” in Spanish, Italian, German, French, Japanese & Swedish, which I thought was a pretty cool touch! Would def. buy from this seller again, thanks!

  2. Truely Good Luck This card guard is the perfect weight and size. It also looks vary nice and brings a certain “Presence” to the table. Of the things that intimidate players, your own card guard should be and is one of them. I have finished “in the money” in the last two hold em tournaments I have participated in while using this trinket.

  3. Great Good Luck Charm Great good luck charm!First time I used it I won $1500, 2 wks ago I won $2400, last weekend I won $2400 on Friday night and $1350 Saturday afternoon…Maybe a coincidence…then again…maybe not…all I know is that I am very pleased with this card protector!

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