Fisher-Price Super Sounds Soccer

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Hit the target to be rewarded with the satisfying sound of "Gooaall!"
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The Fisher-Price Grow to Pro Super Sounds Soccer makes learning to play soccer fun, easy, and rewarding. Every time beginners hit the net, they’ll hear fun, encouraging sounds. And it’s a big goal net to hit – 2 feet wide by 3 ½ feet high – so novices can easily score. As their skills improve, kids have to hit the target to be rewarded with the satisfying sound of "Gooaall!" And to make it even more challenging, kids can move the adjustable target anywhere along the goal post so they learn to score anywhere in the net.

Features Two levels of playBeginners score fun sounds whenever they kick the ball into the net"Pros" have to hit the adjustable target to score fun soundsAdjustable target – attach it anywhere along the goalBig goal! Approx. 2' wide by 3.5' highTarget can keep score for two players Includes goal, adjustable target, and inflatable ballRequires 3 AAA batteries Big goal net to hit allows novices to easily score
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For budding soccer players, learning to handle the ball and get it in the net is the primary goal – and this set helps them every step of the way! It’s simple to use, no matter where kids are in the learning process. With such an enjoyable, stress-free way to sharpen their skills, you may not even have to nag them to practice!

Little soccer players can score big with Grow to Pro Super Sounds Soccer. Two levels of play and sounds after every goal kick up the fun, and reward developing soccer skills as kids grow. Beginners score fun sounds each time they hit the net. And with this big goal net, beginners are sure to score some confidence, too. More advanced players have to hit the target to hear the announcer shout "Gooaalll"! Add to the challenge by moving the adjustable target anywhere along the goal post. And what better way to learn than with a friend? The adjustable target can keep score for two players.

Kids get an enjoyable, stress-free way to sharpen their skills
View larger Score Big for Building Motor Skills and Confidence

By "dribbling" and kicking the ball, hitting the target and getting healthy physical activity, your little soccer players are developing gross motor skills. They’re also gaining valuable insights on handling and angling the ball, timing their kicks, and how far and hard to kick the ball to get the most success. And as they improve, their confidence begins to soar and they develop a real "can do" attitude. For helping your child develop and grow, this play set really kicks it up a notch.

Includes the Fisher-Price Grow to Pro Super Sounds Soccer goal, adjustable target and inflatable soccer ball.


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3 thoughts on “Fisher-Price Super Sounds Soccer

  1. This toy scores a G-O-A-L! We bought this toy for our 2 year old son and it has been a huge hit. He had never played soccer before, so I was impressed at how quickly he learned to score a goal. We first set it to the beginner stage and he was able to get the idea very quickly because every time the ball hit the net the sounds were set off. Then he learned to aim for the target and is getting quite good at this. I have to say this is a very educational toy because it teaches that physical exercise can be very fun and…

  2. Great, but buyer beware… We purchased this for our 3 year old after watching him kick a soccer ball for the first time like he had been playing forever. While the net is fantastic, buyers should be forewarned that the photos on the box are VERY misleading. The ball that comes with the set is not a proper soccer ball. It is a small inflatable plastic ball about the size of an orange or small grapefruit with painted pentagons on it. The photo makes the ball seem much larger than it actually is. Ours came with no needle…

  3. Cheaper at This toy is sold for 25.00 at! I was shocked it was actually more at!

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