Dual Deck Revolving Card Holder

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2708 Playing Cards Not Included Features: -Clear card tray.-Made of high quality, durable plastic.-Tray holds 2 decks of cards.-Has swivel base and beveled edges for easy drawing.-Playing cards not included.


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3 thoughts on “Dual Deck Revolving Card Holder

  1. works well for 1 deck Works well for 1 deck, but we play Canasta with 3 decks, so it’s a little shallow and tips a little when 3 decks are in one side. But it’s the best one I could find. I doubt it would work for 4 decks.

  2. not 2 decks This unit does not hold two decks on one side but it does hold two decks if you put them into both sides. Not the way one would use it.

  3. Great tool for card playing These are wonderful card trays, especially good for Hand & Foot.

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