Desktop Derby 6-Horse Racing Game

The furlongs have been shortened and the stakes have been raised! Racing along at a heat-stopping rapid pace of about 1 inch per 6? seconds, these portable game ponies change leads with complete unpredictability–perfect for spicing up mundane everyday decisions (where should we eat lunch today, what should I wear, etc.). The possibilities for fun are endless! Keep your bets a coming, because with this miniature game, you’ll never know which nag is going to come out in front! Our hilarious horse race portable game comes complete with an underside horse stable, six horses, and a 10 x 3?” race track. Office derby horse race portable game requires 2 AA batteries (not included.)


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    3 thoughts on “Desktop Derby 6-Horse Racing Game

    1. Awesome fun toy for under $10! LOVE IT! Length:: 6:00 Mins 

    2. Great fun! Very easy to play and setup. This game is quick fun, turn it on, pick your winner, and let the race begin. You have to watch the video on you tube of the review of this product. The guy comes up with names and does the old time annoucer voice while reviewing it. (Very funny) I can’t use mine now with out doing the voice. If there is someting bad to say about this it would be every now and then one of the horses will fall over during the race. They tend to get a little bouncey and the end of the track. Some people say they…

    3. Toy I had as a kid I had this game as a kid only the horses were made of metal and these are plastic. Overall the game still works the same unfortunately mine has a lane that is much slower than the other 5. It’s a fun game to play with. I find many of my friends playing randomly when they come over.

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