Contemporary Casino Table Game Design: A Practical Guide to Casino Table Game Design, Development and Selection for Casino Management and Game Developers

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Just 25 years ago, blackjack, craps, roulette and baccarat were the mainstay of casino table games. With Caribbean Stud(r), Let it Ride(r), Three Card Poker(r) and the Texas Hold’em boom starting in 2002, the landscape of the casino has been dramatically transformed. New table games, bonuses, progressives and side bets are flooding the market. Today almost every casino offers a wide selection of proprietary table games. Contemporary Casino Table Game Design was written to fill the information gap between game developers, casino management and players. For developers, this book offers a thorough explanation of the principles of game design. For management, it explains the essential information necessary to the game selection process. For players, it gives insights into what’s going on behind the curtain. This book is a comprehensive and informative guide to a fascinating and elusive subject. Contemporary Casino Table Game Design includes chapters on: * Table game and gambling mathematics * Principles of table game design and development * Card counting, hole carding, and other advantage play * Gambling mythology * Professional perspectives from industry insiders * Game descriptions for popular and new table games


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  1. A Must Read for Every Casino Game Inventor Have you ever been to a casino, noticed the plethora of new games, and thought to yourself that you could come up with a fun and money-making casino game yourself? If you, you’re not alone. Thousands of people come up with casino games on their kitchen table after becoming inspired by their last visit to the Mirage, or wherever. Hundreds of them will take the plunge into, and try to market whatever they come up with. The usual fantasy is that casino managers will fall all over each other to…

  2. No Other Book With This Information! If you want to get a detailed analysis of the casino table game development business from a variety of perspectives, this book is for you. Jacobson covers topics from casino mathematics to the nuances of game design by considering all the stakeholders in a new game’s success (the players, the dealers & casino management). 

  3. Enjoy casino games? Learn what they’re built to do before you gamble. The main intent of the book is to provide a path to successfully building and marketing a casino-style game. However, Dr. Jacobson provides a plain-language guide to insightful gambling that’s entertaining and very informative in explaining his recommendations. He discusses psychological aspects, Advantage Play, myth-busting, and points out the best and worst games for your money, right along with the mathematical rationales for different design choices and casino options. Written in…

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