Brybelly Blackjack and Craps Table Felt, 72″ x 36″

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This new portable felt has a layout for the popular casino games, Blackjack & Craps. Blackjack & Craps, are games played in Casinos around the world. Now bring the excitement of casino gaming to your home. The Layout is 36″ by 72″ and can be easily used on a home table for parties. The layout travels well and is water resistant. Great for a gift.


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3 thoughts on “Brybelly Blackjack and Craps Table Felt, 72″ x 36″

  1. not even close to being useful for an actual game The Craps side is decent for use as a novelty item. But, not even close to being useful for an actual game. The felt itself only measured 71″ x 35.5″ and the actual print starts roughly 7-8 inches from each edge. The point boxes are barely wider than a standard size chip. I am currently learning to deal Craps and bought this layout to practice on. So, if you’re in the same situation, I would not recommend buying this particular layout.

  2. Useable You get what you pay for I guess. The Blackjack side has spots of dried glue all over it and the layout is smeared in several places. I was tempted to return it but for a $12 piece of felt it wasn’t worth the time and effort. The Craps side is good, which is mainly why I bought it anyways. I work as a casino dealer and am currently learning Craps. This layout is quite a bit smaller and more crowded than a real one, but it serves its purpose for me to practice and play at home.

  3. Misleading pictures, received layouts do not look like this Neither side is particularly good. The blackjack side doesn’t even look close to what the picture shows; it has very amateurish looking fonts whereas the picture on the listing looks professional. The craps side isn’t as bad but it is still not as advertised; the hard ways spaces are combined and the yellows and reds on the craps side are washed out, showing the green through them. Will likely return this.

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