Bicycle Poker Chips – 100 count with 3 colors

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Playing Cards Accessory The 2 gram box of Bicycle® Poker chips is about the size of a deck of Poker cards. The 100 chips include 50 ivory chips, 25 red chips and 25 blue chips. Compact and easy to take with you, the 2 gram box of chips also makes it easy to replace lost Poker chips.


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3 thoughts on “Bicycle Poker Chips – 100 count with 3 colors

  1. Missmatched and shopworn I wanted some light inexpensive poker chips to take to the beach, cookouts, camping and such, and I didn’t really expect anything more than cheap plastic chips for the price, but I was really dissappointed with what was shipped. I ordered two boxes so I would have one large set with enough chips for several players. When the shipment arrived the two display boxes were ripped and badly shopworn, which really didn’t make much difference, however what did matter was that the two sets were…

  2. An American classic! Who hasn’t ever used this classic set of poker chips at some point in their life? These are the old classic inexpensive standbys that you can find pretty easily for any sort of card playing, be it poker, gin rummy, pinochle or whatever. These don’t have the heft of the casino-style clay chips but they do have that classic sound when you throw one or many into the kitty. These are pretty much indispensable and ubiquitous; a great buy and great fun!

  3. Inexpensive plastic chips as promised! I wanted inexpensive plastic chips as these were described. They are perfect for occasional useand will probably last forever. If you have ever received chips as part of an standard board game,these are probably from the same manufacturer.

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