Baden Color Your Own Soccer Ball, White, Size 4

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With Baden’s Color Your Own Soccer Ball, you can now color and personalize your own ball! The ball works as a canvas to display a more creative, fun side, while still being durable to play in the yard with. A cushioned synthetic construction allows for a soft, durable feel while keeping the graphics on the ball. Don’t worry about finding the perfect markers, they come in the box! Makes a perfect gift for children of all ages.


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3 thoughts on “Baden Color Your Own Soccer Ball, White, Size 4

  1. Great ball and fun for kids! I bought this ball for my nieces and they absolutely loved coloring in the shapes with the colored markers included inside. They both know which ball is theirs because they colored their balls differently. I’d recommend this to anyone wanting a fun, unique soccer ball for Christmas.

  2. SOOOO COOL! I purchased these for my two nephews, one is 7 and one is 5, for their birthdays. They are very into soccer! They loved being able to color and design their own soccer ball!!!

  3. Unique, fun ball for kids! My kids loved this ball! Just bought this for my son’s birthday and need to order another one for my daughter. Great gift for your kids or family!

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