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Best weight loss diet – 4 Cycle Fat Loss Solution

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3 food lies reveal why White Rice can be healthier for your metabolism and more effective for fat loss than Brown Rice…

Nutrition Breakthrough: White Rice Now ProvenBETTER Than Beloved Brown Rice For Increasing Your Fat Loss and BOOSTING Your Metabolism

By Shaun Hadsall
Best Selling Nutrition Author and Stubborn Fat Specialist

Did you know that fibrous brown rice may contain MORE harmful ingredients than white rice?

Did you know that if you intentionally avoid white starchy foods like white rice, and eat the beloved brown rice instead, it may actually be WORSE for your health than eating the demonized "white" rice? 

In fact, if you constantly cut out your favorite starchy carbs it can SLOW DOWN your fat loss and be more harmful on your metabolism than MANY so-called healthy foods you're probably eating right now.

The 3 food lies below will show you exactly why eating more of your favorite high carb foods like white rice, the RIGHT way, can actually be BETTER for your metabolic health and your fat burning hormones than eating diet foods.  

Once you discover these 3 "unknown" food facts, that nobody EVER talks about, you'll know how to intentionally eat MORE white rice and other high carb starches to increase fat-burning hormones, accelerate calorie burning, and KEEP your metabolism revving higher week after week.

My name is Shaun Hadsall, and in my 15+ years of experience in the diet and nutrition industry I discovered a proprietary nutrition secret that will keep your body looking young, help you CONTROL your fat-burning hormones, WITHOUT storing your favorite carbs as fat.

I've used and taught these carb cycling methods to thousands of men and women of all ages from all over the globe. All you have to do is follow the simple nutrition advice below and you'll see exactly why your favorite high carb white starchy foods can help you maintain a healthier metabolism and burn more fat.

But please proceed with CAUTION. What you're about ready to read will probably be the exact opposite of what you've been told about losing belly fat. You won't hear this from your local personal trainer and you won't read about it inside any fitness magazine that's for sure!

These 3 Food Lies uncover exactly why white rice can be BETTER THAN BROWN RICE for your health and fat loss by BOOSTING your metabolic rate and REBOOTING your fat burning hormones.

Below, you'll discover exactly why brown rice is CLEARLY NOT the better choice than white rice, and you'll also learn how eating white starchy carbs can help keep your metabolism healthy and consistently accessing fat as its primary fuel source on a daily basis…

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Most scientists and nutrition experts all agree that cutting carbs works… at least initially. After all, anybody who cuts out bread, pizza, pasta, soda, and sweets is bound to work at first. But the key to sustained fat loss is managing your metabolic health and hormones by eating MORE carbs.

But if you're 100% convinced you can't eat carbs because you'll get fat or never lose weight, please do NOT waste your time with 4 Cycle Solution.

However, if you'd like to learn exactly how this solution works, just click the "Next Page" button below and in LESS than 7 days from now your belly will be flatter, you'll feel GREAT, and your body will be reprogrammed to use fat FIRST, instead of sugars, every time you eat and exercise.

Just go to the next page and I'll let you in on this Ancient Japanese Secret that can help you get leaner, FASTER, WITHOUTstrict, complicated diets or eliminating all your favorite carbs.

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