2 Deck Card Shuffler

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This Automatic Card Shuffler (2 Decks) is battery operated. It shuffles standard or bridge sized playing cards. Playing cards and 2 “C” Sized batteries not included.


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3 thoughts on “2 Deck Card Shuffler

  1. Works great for ONE DECK IMPORTANT UPDATE: After going through a few of these from different sellers, DO NOT BUY the ones that take AA batteries. There is just not enough oomph to keep the thing running right. I don’t know what it is exactly, but the AA ones will eventually start feeding unevenly. Eventually, we had to stack 1 1/2 decks on one side and 1/2 on the other. 

  2. Seldom fails This shuffler has sides that keep the cards in, so unlike others I’ve used, it seldom errors in the shuffle. My friends and I use it when playing cards and since we are older and suffer arthritis and some have trouble with carpal tunnel, this is an amazing help.It is a handsome piece also and looks nice on the table.

  3. Works Great I have used other card shufflers that hung up or bent the cards. This one has no defects of that nature. Works great every time.Delivery service was prompt.

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